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93pt Colline San Biagio Sancti Blasii 2009

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Italy continues to surprise us with beautiful, undiscovered gems like this Sancti Blasii from Colline San Baggio.

A full, powerful wine from the small, off the radar wine region of Carmignano in the interior of Tuscany, the Sancti Blasii is in the top tier of Tuscan wines.

However, production is small and with its great reputation amongst critics and drinkers, almost all the wine ends up being sold in local restaurants and wine shops.

Very little indeed makes it out of the country and when it does, it is snapped up by drinkers in the know, who love it for its quality and value for money.

Make sure you don't miss out on this Italian beauty!

About the wine

Sangiovese is the grape of Tuscany and the most beautiful Chianti and Brunello is are made from it.

About 40 years ago in the interior of Tuscany, the Super Tuscan category of wines was born from a blend of this, the ultimate Italian grape, and international grape varieties such as cabernet sauvignon, merlot and syrah. The result was powerful, sun-blessed wines with a unique character. Like this, the sublime Sancti Blasii.

Sancti Blasii is a firm, full-bodied wine, bursting with ripe berries, cherries and other sultry summer fruits. Like other Super Tuscans, it matures in small barriques of French oak, which makes it seductively soft and gives the ione beautiful complex tones of toast, balsamic vinegar and herbs. You can taste the warmth of the Tuscan sun, but its ripe, voluptuous character is perfectly balanced with the spicy tannins, which make the wine exciting and dynamic. Absolutely at the peak of its drinking prowess right now, it is a brilliant example of just why Super Tuscans are so sought after the world over!

Tip: Delightful in combination with a steak from the grill or with typical Italian dishes such as steak Tagliata. Because of its full, sun-ripened character, it also tastes delicious with Mediterranean spiced dishes.

WinemakerBarbara Tamburini
AppellationCarmignano DOCG, Italy

- 5 Grappoli (5 bunches of grapes), maximum score, Bibenda
- Double Gold, China Wine & Spirits Awards 2015
- 93pts, Veronelli
- 4.0/5 Stars, Vivino Rating

Grapes70% Sangiovese, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon & 10% Merlot
Vineyard: Colline San Bagio vineyards
Cooperage: 12-15 months in French oak
Drink: 2018-2025

About the winery

Colline San Biagio is just a stone's throw away from where Leonardo da Vinci spent his early childhood. Wine production began here in about 1800 and the winery still has a great connection with the rich past of the region, having been run by the same family since that date.

The names of the wines refer to several important people and events in the winery's hiistory. This wine, Sancti Blasii, bears the name of the location of the wine estate in the 13th century, emphasizing the importance of traditions in current viticulture. 

However, Colline San Biagio are also aware that innovation is necessary if the winery is to not just maintain the quality of the wines, but to further improve it. Which is why the cellars are equipped with the most modern equipment and use modern techniques.

About the vineyard

The vineyards of Colline San Biagio have been supplying top quality grapes for centuries . Count Cosimo III dè Medici wrote about the wines of "excellent quality" from this region in 1716 and codified the borders of the area, thus creating the first DOC in Italy.

The 7 hectares of vineyards, planted with sangiovese, merlot and cabernet sauvignon, extend over the hills around the picturesque town. Here, at an altitude of 250 meters on the south-westerly slopes, the grapes can mature perfectly without losing eleganceThe winemakers of Colline San Biagio are very aware of the value of the 'golden mountains' on which their vines grow. That is why the vineyard works as naturally as possible and according to old traditions


5 Grappoli (maximum score) - Bibenda


93 points - Veronelli 


Double Gold - CWSA 2015


"And the winner is vintage 2009! A balanced, elegant and harmonious red, featuring cherry, raspberry, floral and mineral aromas and flavors. Tightly wound, showing firm grip on the finish, with a long aftertaste of fruit and mineral."  4/5 Stars

"Note to self: buy again. Bargain. Still packs a great punch. Drinking great at this age. It opens a bit meaty, but once it opens more there's dark fruit, raisins and spice."  4/5 Stars

"Powerful, spicy, ripe. Great Super Tuscan: gorgeous, exciting, irrresistible!"  4/5 Stars



Other Details

Exclusive to Vivino: Brilliant Super Tuscan from top winery Colline San Biagio
Double Gold Medal 'under the radar' Super-Tuscan - Vivino exclusive!
2018-05-07 23:59:59
#review=I Vini Di Veronelli:
#review=CWSA China 2015:
Double Gold
#stars_review=Vivino Rating:
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