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94pt Lagar de Costa Albariño 2017

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Lagar de Costa is small, family-run winery in Rias Baixas, the high-quality, coastal region of northern Spain that's home to what many wine experts would describe as one of the world's most exciting, deliciously dry white wines - Albarino.

The buzz around this grape has led to some very high prices (and occasionally disappointing wines) - but today you can pick up the one of the best - in terms of both quality and value - that the region has to offer ...
the 2017 Lagar de Costa.

It's exceptionally pure and full-flavoured, yet also crisp, juicy and elegant ... when you taste it you'll see why it's rated so highly!

With an excellent 4 Star Vivino rating and a 90+ scores year after year, this must be amongst the world's best value fine whites - and with 19% off and the cheapest price we can find in the UK, it's an unmissable bargain at just £13.25 a bottle!.

About the wine

So what makes Lagar de Costa - from an unassuming, family-run estate - so special? The answer is very simple; everything is perfect. The vineyards are perfectly sited, close to the sea where the grapes ripen slowly but steadily, developing real depth of flavour - even a delightful whiff of salt spray. The family tend the half-century old vines entirely by hand, the vineyard is entirely organic and and the winery is a perfect blend of the modern and the traditional. All this naturally gives exquisitely fine wines of world-beating quality.  

Great stuff. Beautifully rich and full flavoured. A lovely straw-gold colour in the glass. Subtly smoky nose with fresh citrus, peach, nectarine green fruits and a whiff of herbs and sea salt. Fresh yet full in the mouth with stone fruit and a delicate apple character sharpened by vibrant citrus freshness. A powerful impression on the palate. Vibrant lemon curd acidity, full flavoured, modern and expressive. Long, lingering finish, with a clean mineral salt note. This delicious served with rich seafood, creamy shellfish and even roast chicken

Winemaker: Familia Fontan Limeres
Appellation: Rias Baixas, Spain

- 94pts, Guia Gourmets (2016 vintage)
- Gold Medal, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles
- Gold Medal, Bacchus International Wine Competition
- 4.0/5 Stars, Vivino Rating

Grapes: 100% Albarino
Vineyard: 5 hectares on sand and loam
Cooperage:  6 months on lees  
ABV: 13.5%
Drink: 2018-2022

About the winery

Lagar de Costa is a family run winery where six generations have been dedicated to the tending the vineyards and making of fine Albarino - long before it was the hot ticket it is now. The winery was built over a century ago and it has undergone several refurbishments, though the old stone structure and original timber framework has been preserved. The family is literally hands-on in their approach to winemaking - everything is done by hand wherever possible.

They hand-select the best Albarino grapes from their gnarled, weathered vines, many over 60 years of age, that grow along the coast line. At the winery, they combine the best of traditional and modern methods. The final aim is always to obtain a wine that expresses the unique characteristics of their vineyards. When you taste it, you taste the sun, the wild herbs that grow between the vines, the lemon trees and the sea spray. This is what makes their wines so excitingly irrresistable.

About the vineyard

Lagar de Costa has a long tradition of growing Albariño which goes back to the beginning of the last century. Most of the vines are more than 50 years old and yields are kept well below the average - giving real depth of flavour.

The soil is predominantly sandy and the ocean influence keeps the temperature at a yearly average of 14 degrees - perfect for fresh, vibrant Albarino, which thrives in this mild climate. Only the best grapes go to make up the final wine, which offers an exuberant floral, mineral character and is a true expression of this exciting grape and unique vineyard.


94 points - Guia De Vinos Gourmets (2016 vintage)


Gold Medal - Concours Mondial de Bruxelles



Gold Medal - Bacchus International Wine Competition 


"This Albarino is fantastic, wines in this category are normally worth double the price. A highly recommended wine. I liked it very much..." 4/5 Stars

"Rich on the nose, very floral and aromatic, plenty of peach and apricot with a mineral finish. Excellent acidity and medium length" 4/5 Stars

"An amazing example of Albariño good balance of acidity, with tangy citrus notes and blood orange undertones. Fresh and clean on the nose with well rounded structure."  4.5/5 Stars (2016 vintage)



Other Details

Return Of A Spanish Great! Top Rated Albarino - Save 19%
Amazing Albarino! 4 Star Quality at under £14
2018-09-27 23:59:59
#review=Guia Gourmets (2016 vintage):
#review=Concours Mondiale de Bruxelles:
Gold Medal
#review=Bacchus International Wine Competition:
Gold Medal
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