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96pt Hidalgo La Gitana Palo Cortado Wellington 30 Years 50cl

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This is just a little bit special...

With just 1000 bottles released per year and awarded the highest denomination of VORS (Very Old Rare Sherry), the Palo Cortado Wellington is one of the very best sherries available.

Sherry remains one of the wine world's greatest values and this dry, intense, hugely complex wine demonstrates exactly why - £58.75 buys you a superb wine that is at least 30 years old (probably more like 50-80) and is one of the greatest experiences that wine has to offer.

This is no sweet, sickly sherry but is all about power, finesse and depth.

If you've not tried a wine like this before, you owe it to yourself to do so - it will be a revelation!

About the wine

Wow! This is something special. Dark amber hues in the glass and then an explosion of aromas - candied orange, ginger, smokiness and charred nuts. Absolutely silky-smooth and dry on the palate, its elegance hides the serious intensity of this wine. Orange rind, more nuts, caramel and figs all balance with a surprisingly refreshing acidity and the salty tang that is the hallmark of sherry from Sanlucar. Incredibly long, this needs to be tasted to be believed. It will make anyone a convert to Sherry!

The Wellington name stems from the Napoleonic wars. Hidalgo also made a Napoleon sherry - ensuring that each side had its own wine...

This Palo Cortado is produced according to the traditional methods with grapes taken from the Balbaina District, Jerez Superior, which is renowned for its rich Albariza soils which are matured in solera, in casks of American oak in the Sherry town of Sanlúcar de Barrameda. The maturation is first partially ‘biological’ i.e. under a thin veil of yeast or flor and followed by ‘oxidative’, which begins as the yeast dies out lack of nutrients available in the Sherry.

To create this Palo Cortado, individual butts of exceptional wine were removed from the solera and a new solera was established. This solera began in the 18th century, making it older than the winery itself. Bottled only once per year in extremely small amounts, Palo Cortado Wellington is a rare find, full of finesse.

Winemaker: Javier Hidalgo
AppellationSanlúcar de Barrameda, Spain

- 96pt & Gold Medal, Decanter
- 94pt, Wine Enthusiast
- 93pt, Wine Spectator
- 17.5/20, jancisrobinson.com
- 4.3/5 Stars, Vivino Rating

Grapes: 100% Palomino
Cooperage: 30 years in American oak 
ABV: 19%
Drink: 2017-2024

About the winery

Established in 1792, Bodegas Hidalgo is one of the oldest Sherry producers in existence, with the ebullient sixth generation Javier Hidalgo now in charge of what is widely regarded as the definitive Manzanilla house. Passing from father to son, continuity and quality have always been the most important themes for the company, which today uses only grapes from their own vineyards in Jérez Superior.

The Manzanillas, premium and aged Sherries produced by the Bodega are seen as benchmarks of quality and style the world over. Using the best Palomino Fino grapes grown in bright albariza soils, gradual biological ageing via the solera process under natural flor produces the innately saline, fresh Manzanillas of Sanlucar. Ever innovative, Bodegas Hidalgo pioneered an aged, single vineyard ‘Pasada Pastrana’ Manzanilla, and an unfiltered ‘En Rama’ version of their La Gitana Manzanilla, released twice a year to coincide with the flor cycle.

Both have become highly desired by discerning drinkers and diners for their ability to match with food. The Very Old Sherry (VOS) and Very Old Rare Sherry (VORS) ranges offer an insight into Bodegas Hidalgo’s long and rich history, using the names Napoleón and Wellington dependent on which style was provided to which army’s troops during the Peninsula War in the 1800s.

About the vineyards

Hidalgo has cornered some of the finest vineyards in the Manzanilla district, including the highly rated pagos Miraflores and Balbaina. The grapes are of course classic Palomino, and the soils lend them a wonderful saltiness and minerality, which is at the core of these wines.


96 Points & Gold Medal - Decanter
Seriously intense, concentrated but elegant, with aromas of burnt sugar, citrus peel, ginger, dates, walnuts and molasses. A wine for connoisseurs, boasting a palate with layers of woodsmoke, coffee, caramel, an earthy complexity and a lightning bolt of a finish."


94 Points - Wine Enthusiast
This tawny tinted Palo Cortado will make a Sherry fanatic smile. Aromas of hazelnut, almond liqueur and toffee introduce an oily, creamy palate cut by a beam of blazing acidity. Briny apricot, persimmon and caramel flavors offer a dusting of cocoa in front of a long, classy, nutty finish. This has everything and lacks nothing." 


93 Points - Wine Spectator
Bitter almond, singed orange peel, hazelnut skin, matchstick and powdered ginger notes give this range and a taut yet refined texture. The long, detailed finish echoes with a gunpowder tea hint."

"Deep burnt-gold colour. Distinctively different from the VOS, with a savoury and attractive burnt smokiness. Grilled nuts and a sour freshness of dark bitter orange marmalade. Long nutty aftertaste, power and finesse and incredible depth"  17.5 / 20 points

"Fantastic palo cortado ; amber/golden colour. Attractive bouquet, notes of toffee, nuts, dried stone fruits, figs, yeast. High acidity , long finish"  5/5 Stars

"I think this might be one of the best sherrys I ever had. It's almost moving into a port but still has what you want from sherry. Slight oak, cherry, and still stays a little dry. Not to tart or sweet."  5/5 Stars

"Superb Palo Cortado. Smooth, rich aromas of dried fruit, toffee, leather, and yeasty oxidative deliciousness.4/5 Stars


Other Details

Hidalgo's incredible Palo Cortado Wellington 30yr old - "power and finesse and incredible depth"
96pt, 30yr old Palo Cortado - "this has everything and lacks nothing"
"Seriously intense, concentrated but elegant" Decanter
"This has everything and lacks nothing." Wine Enthusiast
This is just a little bit special... With just 1000 bottles released per year and awarded the highest denomination of VORS (Very Old Rare Sherry), the Palo Cortado Wellington is one of the very best available. Sherry remains one of the wine world's g
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