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96pt Pegasus Bay Pinot Noir 2013

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With top scores from the critics and named by Decanter as one of their 'Top 20 Wines of 2016', the 2013 Pinot Noir from Pegasus Bay is at the apex of Kiwi wine-making.

Burgundian in style and with real class and elegance, it's superb value at just £22.75, a fraction of what a wine of this quality would cost in Burgundy.

It is said that pinot noir is a tough grape to master, but grown in the best terroir and nurtured by a gifted winemaker, there is no doubt that it can produce liquid magic. We love the elegance, structure and sheer ebullience of this wine and urge you not to miss the opportunity to try it for yourself.

About the wine

Hugely aromatic on the nose, the Pegasus Bay has notes of raspberry, black cherry, plum, dark chocolate and spice. The palate is savoury, richly textured and powerful with velvety smooth tannins that flow evenly through the palate. This is top quality Kiwi pinot that could easily hold its own against its Burgundian equivalents.

This is a NZ pinot made very much in the Burgundian style. Most of the grapes are destemmed and placed in small fermenting vats, retaining as many whole berries as possible. Ten percent of whole bunches were also added to the vats.

These grapes and few bunches were then left for a few days at cool temperatures to help extract soft tannins from the skins. Fermentation follows and once complete the vats were sealed and the grape remnants were left to steep in the wine for up to a week to extract a different range of tannins that add depth and structure to the final wine. Oak ageing takes place in French barriques (30% new) for 18 months and at this point the batches, made from the many different pinot parcels, were carefully blended to produce the wine.

Winemaker: Matthew Donaldson
Appellation: Waipara Valley

- 96pts, Bob Campbell
- 95pts, Decanter
- 93pts, Jamie Goode
- 4/5 Stars, Vivino Rating

Grapes: 100% Pinot Noir
Vineyard: Varous blocks in the Waipara Valley
Cooperage: 18 months in French oak
ABV: 13.5%

About the winery

Pegasus Bay is an entirely family-owned and operated enterprise with the Donaldson’s involvement in wine in the area going back to the early 1970s. It might not sound like that long ago but at that time the family were pioneers.

Husband and wife team Ivan and Christine are still very much involved with Ivan overseeing viticulture and wine styles. Their three children each have an important role with the eldest, Matthew leading the winemaking; 2017 will be his 25th vintage! Edward is the Marketing Manager and the youngest, Paul is the winery’s General Manager.

Critics the world over have described Pegasus Bay and their wines as “iconic”, “outstanding”, “exceptionally good” and “exciting”; they are all right and you’d not argue with the writer in NZ Wine Country who said, “if a wine critic was not passionate about any of Pegasus Bay’s wine, they should seriously consider a change in career.”

About the vineyard

The Waipara Valley is in New Zealand’s South Island, a 30 minute drive north of Christchurch. Protected from oceanic breezes by the mountains, the Pegasus Bay vineyards benefit from long, warm summers that allow the fruit to ripen fully but at a steady pace that gives the fruit good levels of natural acidity.

The vines, many of which are nearly 30 years old and on their own roots, grown on a series of north facing, gradually descending terraces whose stony content keeps them well drained. The soil is low-fertility which means the vine vigour is naturally contained which, in turn, gives low yields of high-quality grapes.



96 Points - Bob Campbell  
“Appealing, ripe and quite concentrated pinot noir with a complex mix of plum, dark cherry, violet, savoury, forest floor characters. Silken-textured wine with an extraordinary lingering finish demonstrating real power. A supremely elegant wine with an intriguing rustic edge.” 



95 Points - Decanter
“Animated and vibrant, with oodles of floral nuance backed by firm tannins. This gives it suave structure and poise, showcasing layers upon layers of intensity which unfold harmoniously. Extremely evocative of pinot. A captivating rounded and silly style; the palate is broad, savoury and awash with black fruit, with beguiling rose petal and ginger spice notes. The bright acidity and subtle oak give a charming balance to this wine, making it long and satisfying. Plump, voluptuous and generous on the nose with mounds of crunchy red fruit. Nicely clean and fresh with an enchanting palate of sumptuous black plums and alluring rich spices.”



93 Points - Jamie Goode
“There’s a lovely sappy elegance to this wine. Savoury, spicy and a bit grippy with some herbal hints and bright red cherry and plum fruit. Dense black fruits and some spicy structure. Tangy, spicy, savoury finish.”


Lovely fruity PN. Complexity on the nose. Tannins soften after opening. Long finish....Will buy and drink again" 4.5/ 5 Stars

"Really rate this. Very bold new world Pinot but has all the class of a decent Burgundy. Deep and lush red fruit and very silky tannins. A real treat!" 4.5/5 Stars

"Outstanding Pinot Noir from Nerw Zealand..." 4.5/5 Stars


Other Details

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96 Points, 'Top 20 Wines of 2016' Pegasus Bay Pinot Noir 2013 - Burgundy Class with New World Flair!
96 point Kiwi Pinot " A supremely elegant wine"
"A supremely elegant wine" Bob Campbell MW
'Top 20 Wine of 2016' Decanter
With top scores from the critics and named by Decanter as one of their 'Top 20 Wines of 2016', the 2013 Pinot Noir from Pegasus Bay is at the apex of Kiwi wine-making.
Burgundian in style and with real class and elegance, it's superb value and a
2013 Pegasus Bay Pinot Noir
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