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97pt Maron Appassimento Rosso 2016

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Were it not for the modern design, and the 'Puglia IGP' on the bottle, you might well think that this delicious 2016 Maron is Amarone from Northern Italy!

Of course, its not just those two things that give it away - you also don't find Amarone for just £10.99!

Made in the Amarone-style, using dried grapes, Maron is a rare blend of three of Southern Italy's greatest native grapes - Nero di Troia, Primitivo and Negroamaroa rich, concentrated wine full of soft, dark fruit.

This is an absolute crowd-pleaser and with a 4 star score on Vivino and 97 points from Luca Maroni, it's clear that the crowds are pleased!

If you like the deep, rich, luscious Amarone style, then Maron is definitely the wine for you.

Great value and great drinking, what more could you ask for?

About the wine

Tasted blindly, you'd be forgiven for thinking you have Amarone in the glass initially. But here is a concentration and a deep richness that owes more to the southern sunshine and the Nero di Troia, Primitivo and Negroamaro grapes. Aromatic and complex on the nose, with notes of red and black berries, dried fruit, spice and liquorice. On the palate, Maron is full-bodied and balanced with ripe, sweet fruit and a silky smooth texture. A long, spicy finish rounds off this lovely little wine. Such good value for money!

The three great grape varieties of Puglia are united in this special wine:Nero di Troia, which grows below the famous Castel del Monte, juicy, dark Primitivo and spicy Negroamaro

They are harvested very late and ripe and then dried for a few weeks in open storage rooms. Some of the water contained in the berries evaporates and the juice becomes more intense and concentrated . 

This method is called Appassimento, and it comes from the Valpolicella, where it is used to make Amarone.

Winemaker: Luca Rossi
AppellationPuglia IGP

- 97pts Luca Maroni
- 6/6 Stars, Finansbureauet
- 4.0/5 Stars, Vivino Rating

GrapesPrimitivo, Nero di Troia and Negroamaro
Cooperage: 8 months in oak barrels
ABV: 14.5%
Drink: 2018-2023

About the winery & vineyards

Luca Rossi is the top-of-the-range brand of the Italian producer Progetto Vino (literally "Project Wine") established in Puglia. They aim to take traditional winemaking and the qualities of craftsmanship associated with the Slow Food movement to create a range of sophisticated and gourmet wines that will appeal to many fans across the world.

Originally from Puglia, in southern Italy, this wine comes from vineyards planted in the Bari region, just at the beginning of the heel of the boot . Close to the Mediterranean, the grapes are refreshed by sea winds and drenched by the Southern Italian sun. Progetto Vino's teams work in a constant effort to respect the earth, the vine and tradition.

97 Points - Luca Maroni
"A wine that everybody will enjoy!"

6/6 Stars - Finansbureauet 

"6 stars. Charming Appassimento with balsamic nose and full mouth with tones of cherries and plums added nice amounts of coffee and tobacco. Super purchase for the price."


"Full and rich. Though it's not a Amarone, it has some of the same qualities. Excellent value!"  4.5/5 Stars

"Smoke and dark berries. Good sweetness and mild aftertaste. Lovely wine"  4/5 Stars

"Amazing value for money...amazing concentration, baked plum and cherry, subtle oak notes, vanilla, cloves, black jam, cinnamon, brumble, toast, pronounced flav, pronounced aromas, long finish. Absolutely fantastic for the price, balanced, right amount of complexity, youthuful but can age a bit more. The fruit makes this wine alone, very little winemaking behind. Great quality for 11 pounds, rare"  4/5 Stars

"I purchased this as it was recommended by Vivino. And I’m glad I did. Squid ink in colour. Deep and rich in body. Tastes like roasted fruits. Great depth with a warm smooth finish. Definitely buying more to put down to sleep"  4/5 Stars

"An absolute delight. Ripe strawberries and blackberries on the nose that leads to intense jam-like red fruit in the mouth. Leave to open and expand and it gets richer. Great length. This was a Vivino recommendation and I'm glad I bought it."  4/5 Stars



Other Details

A southern rival to Amarone! 97 points and just £10.99
97pts, 4★! Incredible value rival to Amarone
harming Appassimento with balsamic nose and full mouth with tones of cherries and plums added nice amounts of coffee and pibo tobacco. Super purchase for the price."
harming Appassimento with balsamic nose and full mouth with tones of cherries and plums added nice amounts of coffee and pibo tobacco. Super purchase for the price."
2018-07-25 23:59:59
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