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98pt Gran Appasso Collezione Old Vines Primitivo 2017

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Femar Vini make one of our most popular wines, the lovely Nero Grande.

So when they told us that they'd made a new wine - an old vine Primitivo made from only their best grapes - we jumped at the chance to offer it to Vivino customers!

The first vintage, the 2016, was an absolute sell-out and this powerful, rich Primitivo has already racked up a brilliant 4.3 stars from over 1000 Vivino reviewers...

The 2017 has only just been released and landed on UK shores. It's every bit as good as the 2016 and we expect it to be just as popular - especially with its impressive 98 point score from wine guru Luca Maroni who called it "one of the year's best reds".

The Gran Appasso Edizione Old Vines is made using the popular appassimento method, where the grapes are left to dry and concentrate on the vine. The result is a delicious, fruit-driven wine that drinks beautifully from the word go.

A real crowd-pleaser, this impressive wine packs an awful lot into the bottle for just £14.95!

PS - the name of the wine has been changed from Gran Appasso Edizione to Gran Appasso Collezione

About the wine

The Gran Appasso Collezione is an intense ruby red in the glass. Extremely aromatic, it is full of ripe fruit - cherry, blackberry, plum - and notes of prunes, pepper, vanilla and a little spice. The palate is fruit-intensive and rich. Soft, mature tannins help to ensure a fine structure and a long and silky finish. Luxurious and well-crafted.

Smooth, full-bodied, sweetly-fruity and spicy, finely balanced and incredibly long-lasting - this is an awful lot of wine for not much money!

100% old vine Primitivo from very old vines, all the grapes come from the wind-swept vineyards of Italy's southern region of Puglia

The grapes are harvested later than usual and due to the bone-dry climate they are allowed to dry into small raisins on the vines. This technique limits the amount of juice left but increases the strength, sweetness and taste. After a rigorous selection of grapes, long maceration and fermentation in temperature-controlled tanks, the wine is aged for 3 months in oak barrels.

Winemaker: Felice Merge
Appellation: Puglia IGP, Italy

- 98pts, Luca Maroni
- 4.3/5 Stars, Vivino Rating

Grapes: Primitivo
Cooperage: 3 months in oak barrels
ABV: 16%
Drink: 2018-2025

About the winery

Femar Vini was established in 1987 and operates from a very modern winery at Monte Porzio Catone which lies on the boundaries of Frascati, Monte Porzio Catone and Agro Romano. Femar Vini own approximately 40 hectares of vneyards in Lazio but also work with grapes and wines provided by their associated farms in other southern Italian regions and in particular Puglia.

The company has a philosophy based on the search for absolute quality, and it has acheived decidedly ambitious targets within a decade, secure in the knowledge that it is based in an area which repays the efforts of those who work with serious intent.

After having observed and studied the most interesting national and international wine producing companies in depth, and following in the centuries-old family tradition, Felice Mergè, the son of the founder, has been able to develop his own distinctive style by experimenting with new, revolutionary processes of wine making and product maturation. These have helped propel Femar Vini to its current levels of quality.


98 points - Luca Maroni
"...exceptional richness and smoothness, it delights our senses with its enveloping fruitiness, with its endless balsamic minty blackberries. Pulpy silkiness on the palate, meaty but still, as a whole, harmoniously mellow. It is a wine whose viticultural and oenological caliber has few equals...infused with absolute ripeness of berries. One of the year's best reds. Chapeau." (tasting note from the 2016 vintage)


"Bloody hell. It’s fabulous stuff"  5/5 Stars (2016 vintage)

"Big and bold. Cherry, blackcurrants, boot polish, cocoa and menthol/eucalyptus. Soft and ripe tannins. Excellent structure. At under £15 this is exceptionally good value.4.5/5 Stars (2016 vintage)

"Wow. Absolutely perfect Primitivo. 16% !!!!! Best wine I have bought for many years."  5/5 Stars (2016 vintage)

"Amazing very well rounded wine! Probably one of the best I had in 2017!"  5/5 Stars (2016 vintage)

"What a pleasant surprise. Velvetly smooth with notes of dark berries. Blackcurrent, prunes and medium tannins. When oxygenated notes of tobacco and wood becomes more present. Maybe the best wine I have tasted at this price which gives an extra half star."  4.5/5 Stars (2016 vintage)

"I’m no wine buff but I know what I like when I drink it. This is rich smooth and a beautiful dark red that gently slips under the tongue. No sour notes just clear and full. Long lasting flavours that swirl around with for my taste buds, a fruity liquorice core"  5/5 Stars (2016 vintage)

"Wow, big, powerful and absolutely delicious"  5/5 Stars (2016 vintage)



Other Details

A Vivino UK exclusive! The 98 point Gran Appasso Collezione - a specially selected, old vine beauty!
98pts - New vintage of a stunning old vine, late-harvest Primitivo
2018-09-11 23:59:59
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#stars_review=Vivino Rating (2016 vintage):
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