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Award Winning Malvasia Madeira, 50cl - 15 years old Henriques and Henriques!

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Probably one of the most-underated wine values in the world, Madeira has an unctuous flavour like no other fortified wine.

This 15 year old from top, independent producer Henriques & Henriques ticks all the boxes...luxurious sweetness allied to complex caramel and spice aromas and a bracing acidity that balances the wine and stops it from being flabby or over-sweet.

Made entirely from malmsey (aka mavasia), one of Madeira's 4 classic grapes, and aged in the traditional manner in dockside warehouses, Madeira is nigh on indestructible and once opened will not deteriorate. Perfect for an after-dinner drink!

The house of Henriques & Henriques prides itself on its exceptional attention to detail.This is the Madeira to offer someone who has never tasted it before...” says expert Rose Murray Brown.

About the wine

“Rounded and rich but with classic madeira acidity,” says Jancis Robinson MW, and this is really the benchmark for a Malvasia (also called Malmsey). Produced according to the complex process used for all Madeira, this wine displays characteristics of ripe fruit, spice and complex citrus and woody aromatics, yet its initial sweetness finishes in elegant acidity. This is achieved by adding extra grape alcohol to selected wines, then slowly aging them in cask over many months or years in lofts where temperatures average over 30C. This is called the canteiro process and lends great depth to these wines.

Winemaker: Dr. Humberto Jardim
Appellation: Madeira, Portugal

- 17/20pts, Jancis Robinson
- 90pts, Jamie Goode
- 4.1/5 Stars, Vivino Users
- Silver Medal, IWC 2016
- Silver Medal, Decanter World Wine Awards

Grapes: 100% Malvasia
Vineyard: H&H owned vineyards
Cooperage: Oak casks
ABV: 20%

About the winery

Henriques & Henriques has a fascinating history and stands apart from the mainstream in Madeira. Founded in 1850 by Joao Joachim Goncalves Henriques, this family owned some of the finest vines in Camara de Lobos; some of these vineyards were first planted back in the 15th century. From 1938, Peter Cossart was in charge of the company, writing a definitive book about the company called “An Island Vineyard”, then passing the reins to John Cossart who helped improve the winery and bring it up to date. Today, winemaker Luis Pereira is maintaining quality standards and gaining critical acclaim for these carefully crafted individual wines, many vintage-dated and sold in stylish 50 cl bottles.

About the vineyard

In Madeira it is rare for a house to own its own vines, and Henriques & Henriques is notable for seeking out quality vineyards. Since the winery was founded, it has built its reputation on ownership of individual and characterful vineyards; today, they have 10 hectares at Quinta Grande, planted in 1995, as well as historic holdings. Starting in 1992, H&H (as they are generally known) invested 5 million euros in creating a state of the art winery at Quinta Grande and also a new headquarters at Camara de Lobos. This considerable expenditure reflects their desire for outstanding quality and elegance in the wines.

About the winemaker

“Madeira is very much a wine epitomised by its traditions which current winemaker Luis Pereira captures so well across the range”.(Rose Murray Brown, The Scotsman) Since this quote, Dr Humberto Jardim has taken the helm, and he is making exciting strides in finding new angles on Madeira, including the use of new oak barrels to refine flavours.


 rose-murray-brown-the-scotsman.png"One of the few surviving producers on this unique volcanic island, founded in 1850 it is the only producer who owns large tracts of their own vineyards on the island.  This is the Madeira to offer someone who has never tasted a Madeira before.  So complex with its caramel and nut notes, sweet raisiny undertones and characteristic crisp acid.  Perfect for serving with Christmas cake.  A fortified to suit all ages – not just maiden aunts."
Rose Murray Brown - The Scotsman
iwc2016-medalsilver.jpg"Elegant, balanced wine with coffee bean, pistachio umami notes. Complex, caramelised flavours and a tangy, salty, lingering finish. This Madeira is well balanced and elegant."
Silver Medal - International Wine Challenge 2016


decanter-wwa-silver-medal-297x300.png"Wonderful burnt orange peel and spice aromas, with toffee, fruitcake and caramel notes. Mouthcoating richness and depth, with caramelised nuts, spicy dark chocolate and a pecan pie complexity. Impressive underlying acidity and a generous finish."
91 Points - Decanter World Wine Awards 2016

wine-anorak.gif"Brown colour. Rich, raisiny nose with a  cedary, citrus tang. The palate is rich and bold with sweet raisin notes as well as herbs and spices."
90 Points - Jamie Goode
Rounded and rich but with classic madeira acidity”.
17/20 Points - Jancis Robinson



Other Details

Alcohol percentage:
Last Few Cases! Award Winning Madeira from Acclaimed Independent Producer
Stunning 15 yr old Madeira - 17/20 Jancis Robinson!
Multi-award-winning Henriques and Henriques Madeira
Winery Founded in 1850
"So complex with its caramel and nut notes, sweet raisiny undertones and characteristic crisp acid"...Rose Murray Brown
2017-07-13 23:59:59
#review=Jancis Robinson:
#review=Jamie Goode:
#stars_review=Vivino Users:
#review=IWC 2016:
Silver Medal
#review=Decanter WWA 2016:
Silver Medal
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