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Gran Passione 'Baby Amarone' - The New 2017 Vintage

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We are very pleased to offer the new vintage of Vivino favourite, Gran Passione - one of our best-selling wines!

Ultra-smooth, rich and opulent, this is an absolute gem and a bargain at the price of just £10.95 per bottle - however it always sells out...so please be quick...

Carlo Botter is a winemaking genius and this - his pet project - an Amarone-style red made using Corvina, the Veneto region's noble grape, blended with the ever-popular Merlot - has never failed to disappoint.

With over 10,000 Vivino User Ratings, it is not only very popular with you guys but its popular here with Vivino staff as well!!

It's just as silky-smooth and delicious as the excellent 2015 and 2016 ... it's the ultimate crowd-pleaser and tastes like a wine twice the price.

About the wine

Intense and full-bodied, displaying rich red and black fruits on a weighty, solid frame. Vibrant purple colour, rich, luscious aromas full of sweet ripe dark cherry, plum, vanilla and spice. There's an admirably fine balance between soft tannins and the generous palate of ripe red and black fruits, considerable length; Rich and velvety, with lots of juicy fruit coffee, vanilla and winter spices on the long finish. A fantastic accompaniment to roasted or grilled meats; ideal with game, but excellent with mature hard cheeses

Carlo Botter selects the very best, ripest plots of Merlot and Corvina from the estate's mature vineyards to go into Gran Passione. Both varieties are left on the vine until perfectly ripe, then the canes bearing the bunches are cut and the grapes left to dry on the vine for up to three weeks. By the time the grapes are hand-harvested, they have lost 50% of their weight and the flavours are deliciously concentrated. This is a very traditional process, but historically the results could be patchy. Carlo ensures that only perfect fruit makes it into the wine by meticulous hand-sorting of the grapes in the winery.

Those bunches that make the cut are fermented on the skins for up to three weeks, then gently pressed to avoid extracting any harsh tannins, and subsequently matured in oak barrels for 120 days - long enough to soften and enrich without allowing the oak to dominate the deliciously rich fruitI'm sure you'll agree that the result is a masterpiece! Delicously drinkable now, yet with the potential to age for another 4-5 years.   

Winemaker: Carlo Botter
Appellation: Veneto IGT

5 Stars, Matthew Jukes: This is spectacular wine” 
Gold Medal, Mundus Vivi  (2015 vintage)
Gold Medal Berliner Wine Awards (2015 vintage)
- 3.9/5 Stars, Vivino Rating

Grapes: 60% Merlot & 40% Corvina
Vineyard: Motta Di Livenza Vineyard
Cooperage: 120 days in 100% Oak Barrels

About the winery

In 1928, a young Carlo Botter looked at the tiny patch of vines that his family had tended for hundreds of years and had an epiphany - he didn't just want to work the same tiny plot year in, year out, making enough wine for his family and a little extra to sell. He knew that he could make good wines - better than most, in fact - but he needed to make more if he was ever going to make a living from it.

He established Casa Vinicola Botter and gambled everything he had on buying a few hectares of vines neighbouring his land. His wines were a success from the start and the estate which he established has continued to make great wines and invest in quality to this day. The wines have won numerous awards over the years and Carlo Botter junior, the third generation to run the estate, has become renowned for making great, affordable wines. Old Carlo would be proud.  

About the vineyard

The Motta Di Livenza vineyard was planted over 50 years ago and gives deeply coloured, richly flavoured grapes. The climate and exposure are ideal for the making of appassimento wines, as the microclimate virtually guarantees a dry October and early November - so the ripe bunches of grapes can be cut at the base of the cane (where it meets the trunk of the vine) and left to dry 'su vite' on the vine, then harvested by hand when they have dried the right amount. This is time consuming and labour intensive, but the results are absolutely superb


5 Stars - Matthew Jukes "This is spectacular wine. Since I tasted this superb Merlot & Corvina blend I have been itching to tell you about it. Super-smooth with impeccable flair and breeding - you must track this red down because it is downright delicious!.”


94/100 points - Luca Maroni


Gold Medal - Mundus Vini (2015 vintage)


Gold medal & Trophy - Berliner Wine Awards (2015 vintage)


"A really good wine, and not just because of the price point. Good berry flavor and a soft, gentle nose that’s very inviting."  4/5 Stars

"My favorite appassimento so far! Gran Passione wraps your tongue in a velvety, cherry-perfumed blanket. A full refined body balances soft, smoky tannins and very slight, dark-fruit acidity. It's​ love at first sip.."  5/5 Stars

"Such a good value wine. The smooth almost ripe berries and cream taste is fantastic. Just ordered 24 more to be certain"  4/5 Stars

"A truly fantastic value. Luscious dark fruits, cedar and plums on the nose with medium, smooth tannins. The finish is long, moderately dry and warm. Recommended"  4/5 Stars




Other Details

New vintage! 'Baby Amarone' Gran Passione Rosso - Vivino Best Seller
It's Back! New vintage of Gran Passione 'Baby Amarone'
2018-05-25 23:59:59
#review=Luca Maroni:
#review=Mundus Vini (2015 vintage):
Gold Medal
#review=Berliner Wein Trophy (2015 vintage):
Gold Medal
#stars_review=Matthew Jukes:
#stars_review=Vivino Rating:
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