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La Mascaronne Quat' Saisons Côtes de Provence 2017

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With its wonderfully inviting pale pink colour, soft creamy fruit and fresh, crisp acidty, there's little wonder Provencal rosé is so popular!

At it's best, it can command some pretty high prices - but if you know where to look there are some fantastic deals to be found...

Like this brilliant Quat'Saisons from Château La Mascaronne, just inland from St Tropez.

At just £14.75, this is a superb price for a classic Provence rosé!

Fragrant with notes of wild strawberry and peach, soft and rounded with delicious ripe fruit and dangerously drinkable with a crisp, delicate acidity, it's little wonder that it gained a fantastic 90 points from robertparker.com and a massive Vivino score of 4.2 out of 5!

Owned by Tom Bove, who created Miraval before famously selling it to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, La Mascaronne may not have celebrity backers, but then it doesn't need them - the wine speaks for itself.

"One of the best rose wines I have tasted"  wrote one Vivino reviewer. We think you'll feel the same  - don't miss it!

About the wine

A glorious salmon pink colour, this is a really beautiful looking rosé that explodes from the glass with mouthwatering aromas of wild strawberry, white peach, citrus and rose petal. The palate is full of ripe, juicy fruit, a superb roundness and great intensity. A gorgeously fresh and zippy acidity keeps the creamy fruit in balance and the wine finishes with great length, a touch of spice and a wonderful saline minerality that keeps you coming back for more. A great dry Provence rosé that ticks all the boxes!

Quat’saisons is a blend of cinsault, grenache and syrah; all handpicked at daybreak (the coolest time of day), before being lightly pressed and then fermented at low temperatures to maximise the aromas.

With remarkably low yields and hand harvesting into small containers, Mascaronne practice sustainability in all aspects of their vineyard management and winemaking processes. They are now fully certified as organic.

Winemaker: Laurence Berlemont
Appellation: AOP Côtes de Provence, France

- 90pts, Robert Parker Wine Advocate
- 4.2/5 Stars, Vivino Rating

Grapes: 55% Cinsault, 30% Grenache, 15% Syrah
Vineyard: Various
ABV: 13.5%
Drink: 2018-2020 

About the winery

When American, Tom Bove arrived in France on holiday with his wife in 1993 he fell in love with a vineyard and estate called Miraval. He spent years renovating and restoring the property and would, in the end, famously sell it to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. After Miraval came Château La Mascaronne which has, many believe, better terroir than Miraval though its rocky composition makes it tricky to cultivate.

However, nothing easy ever equates to greatness and Bove has committed the same level of fastidious attention to detail and care to Mascaronne as he applied to Miraval with extensive investment in both the vineyards and the winery. The effort is yielding terrific results with consistently excellent wines.

About the vineyard

Château La Mascaronne has 45 hectares of sloping vineyards, just outside the village of Le Luc in Provence.

The soils here are chalk and clay, covered in stones. The property has long been renowned for its unique terroir – the soil and climate – and this, combined with major investment in the winery is yielding excellent wines.

The vineyards are managed organically. 



90 points - Joe Czerwinski
“… A fine effort, balancing ripe notions of peach and melon and a plump mid-palate with a crisp pineapple-zesty citrus finish.”


"One of the most delicious Rosé!!4.5/5 Stars

"Rose petals very fragrant really good4.5/5 Stars

"The perfect beautiful pale colour I look for in a Rosè. This is a great one, peach on the nose, easy to drink, better to do it slowly appreciating every sip. Love it! 5/5 Stars

"Good value for a very good rosé.4.5/5 Stars

"One of the best rose wines I have tasted"  5/5 Stars

Other Details

"One of the best rosé wines I have tasted" Perfect Provence rosé!
4.2★ Provence rosé at an amazing price!
2018-09-15 23:59:59
#review=Robert Parker Wine Advocate:
#stars_review=Vivino Rating (4.2 Stars):
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