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M. Chapoutier Eleivera Douro Tinto 2014

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Today we are greatly pleased to offer the baby brother of one of Vivino's best selling wines!

Eleivera is the younger sibling of the great Pinteivera, a wine that sells out every time we offer it - no surprise when you consider Robert Parker described it as ""...undeniably the single greatest red Portuguese wine I have ever tasted"

Eleivera, made from the younger vines in the vineyard, allows a taste of the great Pinteivera at a price that is ridiculously great value - just £13.15 per bottle.

Soft, rich, dark and spicy, Eleivera is all that is good about Portuguese wine whilst also showing off the winemaking skill of Michel Chapoutier - a legend in his liftime!

This kind of quality, at this price, from such a great winemaker, comes along rarely.

Don't miss out!

About the wine

Eleivera is deeply aromatic and intense with complex flavours of ripe, dark fruit, figs and chocolate lifted by floral notes. Silky-smooth on the palate with great concentration, weight and depth, the wine is full of creamy dark fruit. A spicy finish with touches of flowers and cocoa is elegant and surprisingly long for a wine at this price level. Tastes like a wine worth 2 or 3 times the price!

This is only Chapoutier’s fifth vintage from the Douro, but there’s no question that he has cracked it! But then, he makes great wines wherever he goes, so that’s hardly a surprise. The Douro Valley is now one of the world's most exciting regions for dry red wines - many of which come with eye-watering price tags. So when you find an affordable, highly-rated bottle from one of the worlds greatest wine makers, it's got to be worth trying!

Touriga Nacional is a dark-skinned grape variety that makes Portugal’s finest red wines. Extensively planted in the Portugal's northern Dao and Douro wine regions, the variety is a key ingredient in both dry red wines and the fortified wines of Oporto (Port). In many ways, Touriga Nacional is Portugal's answer to France's Cabernet Sauvignon. Both varieties display bold, dark-fruit flavours, often with hints of spice, leather and violet. Cabernet lovers will find plenty to enjoy here.

Winemaker: Michel Chapoutier
Appellation: Douro Valley, Portugal

- 90pts, Wine Pages (2013 vintage)
- 3.7/5 Stars, Vivino Rating

Grapes100% Touriga Nacional
Vineyard: Various
Cooperage: Oak barrel & concrete tanks for 2-4 years

About the vineyard

The tiny, rugged Esteivera vineyard takes its name from the native shrub "Esteva" ("rock rose" in English), which grows only on the best shale soils, and it’s presence around the edges of the rows of ancient vines (up to 100 years old) is considered a sign of great potential.

The climate and exposure are also ideal - it is sheltered from extremes of temperature and rainfall. When Michel was shown it by a local grower, he knew at once that this was the perfect Douro vineyard that he had been looking for.

About the winemaker

Michel Chapoutier is the sort of man about which books could be written!  Since taking control of the family firm in 1990 (and immediately sacking family members working there), he has revolutionised the production of wine from his sites, not only in the Rhône, but now his plantings stretch from the Douro, to Italy and Alsace.  

He is a consummate professional when it comes to his trade, and is a firm believer in letting the terroir speak: “I do not try to create the perfect wine, but to take snapshots of the terroir”.  It just so happens that in doing so, he does create near perfection! He is beyond a doubt one of France's greatest winemakers

"...the world’s leading, irreverent genius in winemaking and winemaking philosophy" Robert Parker



90 points - Tom Cannavan
This is 100% Touriga Nacional from various vineyards on the typical slate soils of the region, the nose immediately quite complex, graphite and tobacco mixing with firm black fruits and little peppery, lighter floral notes. In the mouth a lovely combination of slick, creamy fruit and a more strict, keen acid and plum-skin core that's taut and fresh " (2013 vintage)


 "Dark cherry, prune, leather, black pepper, chocolate, fig, strong flower notes. Medium finish. Greatly balanced, spicy, fragrant and refreshing. A bit untypical for Douro, which is therefore even more interesting."  4/5 Stars

"Beautiful, balanced wine. Spicy, dark fruit"  5/5 Stars

"Powerful, spicy attack which leaves room for the black fruit on the finish. Very good value for money"  4/5 Stars



Other Details

Baby brother of the great Pinteivera - the incredibly good value Eleivera 2014!
Baby brother of the greatest Portuguese wine Robert Parker ever tasted!
2018-08-09 23:59:59
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