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Verso Rosso Salento 2016 - A 'Puglian Amarone'

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The perfect big, rich red for any occasion, Verso Rosso is a revelation! And we are very pleased to offer the newest vintage, the 2016 - another beauty from Carlo Botter - for just £10.99!

Verso Rosso is what happens when a great Amarone winemaker takes native Puglian grapes, such as Negroamaro and Primitivo, and crafts something completely new, and utterly brilliant! 

Carlo Botter makes big, expensive Amarones, but also applies his winemaking genius to this - an Amarone-style red made by semi-drying small parcels of ripe grapes from Puglia's Salento region.

Ultra-smooth, rich and opulent, this is all about enjoyment and drinking pleasure. An absolute gem and a bargain at just £10.99 per bottle!

About the wine

Big, rich and full-bodied, yet very stylish and never heavy or cloying - this is a real find! Deep garnet colour, rich, luscious aromas full of sweet, ripe blackberry, plum, figs, vanilla and exotic spices. There's an admirably fine balance between supple tannins and the generous palate of ripe black fruits which hints of figs, leather and roasted nuts. Real length on the palate; Rich and velvety, with lots of rich black fruit, coffee, vanilla and winter spices on the long finish. A fantastic accompaniment to roasted or grilled meats; ideal with game, but excellent with mature hard cheeses. Make sure you don't miss out on this - as always, we have limited stocks, and like the last vintage, this one won't last long!

Carlo Botter selects the very best, ripest plots of Negroamaro, Primitivo and Malvasia Nera from two carefully selected vineyards to go into Verso Rosso. The grapes are left on the vine until perfectly ripe, then the canes bearing selected bunches are cut and the grapes left to dry on the vine. By the time the grapes are hand-harvested, they have begun to dry in the hot sun and the flavours are deliciously concentrated. This is a very traditional process, but never before tried in the south. Carlo ensures that only perfect fruit makes it into the wine by meticulous hand-sorting of the grapes in the winery.

Those bunches that make the cut are fermented on the skins for up to three weeks, then gently pressed to avoid extracting any harsh tannins, and subsequently matured in oak barrels for 6 months - long enough to soften and enrich without allowing the oak to dominate the deliciously rich fruit flavours. I'm sure you'll agree that the result is a stunning wine! Delicously drinkable now, yet with the potential to age for another 5 years.   

Winemaker: Carlo Botter
Appellation: Salento IGT

- 3.8/5 Stars from 4961 Ratings - Vivino
- Gold Medal, Monde Selection Bruxelles (2015 vintage)
- Silver Medal, Vinales Internationales (2015 vintage)

- Top Value Award, Wine Spectator
- 90pts, Wine Align This is spectacular wine (2013 vintage)
 Double Gold, Asia International Wine Challenge (2013 vintage)

Grapes: 60% Negroamaro, 35% Primitivo & 5% Malvasia Nera
Vineyards: Verso Vineyard
Cooperage: 6 months in 100% Oak Barrels
ABV: 14%
Drink: 2017-2022

About the winery

In 1928, a young Carlo Botter looked at the tiny patch of vines that his family had tended for hundreds of years and had an epiphany - he didn't just want to work the same tiny plot year in, year out, making enough wine for his family and a little extra to sell. He knew that he could make good wines - better than most, in fact - but he needed to make more if he was ever going to make a living from it. 

He established Casa Vinicola Botter and gambled everything he had on buying a few hectares of vines neighbouring his land. His wines were a success from the start and the estate which he established has continued to make great wines and invest in quality to this day. The wines have won numerous awards over the years and Carlo Botter junior, the third generation to run the estate, has become renowned for making great, affordable wines. Old Carlo would be proud.     

About the vineyard

The grapes come from two carefully selected, ancient vineyard plots in the Salento region. These give deeply coloured, richy flavoured grapes.

The climate is ideal for the making of appassimento wines, as the grapes can be left to hang and dry well into October - so selected bunches can be cut at the base of the cane (where it meets the trunk of the vine) and left to dry 'su vite' on the vine, then harvested by hand when they have dried the right amount. This is time consuming and labour intensive, but the results are absolutely superb.

About the winemaker  

Carlo Botter junior is the grandson of the origina Carlo Botter who established the estate in 1928. He is a highly skilled winemaker who has worked all over the world and has a geniune feel for the potential of each vineyard.

With Verso Rosso he has created something at once new and old, making a wine thoroughly in tune with modern palates, using a centuries-old technique. 




Gold Medal - Monde Selection Bruxelles


"A bright red, in a modern style, with toasted spice and tarry smoke notes layered with ripe and juicy boysenberry and cassis fruit. Easy-drinking and balanced"


"Wow, delicious soft round juicy red made with 'appassimento,' dried grapes. The grapes come off two crus within Puglia and when blended produce this impressive, affordable red. The colour is dark the nose spicy, the palate southern Italian rustic but with smoky, silky textures.”
5 Stars & Wine of the Week - Anthony Gismondi (2013 Vintage)


"Dark cherry and plum on the nose. Flavors are very concentrated thanks to the apassimento process. Tastes like an Amarone but at a much better price. Minimal tannins. Finishes with fig, anise, and vanilla. Pairs well with grilled meats, pork, and beef dishes. One of the best bargains in wine."  4/5 Stars

"Huge fruit but not heavy. Delicious"  4/5 Stars

"Excellent wine for a very affordable price, rich bouquet, intensive dark fruit, plum and pepper flavours"  4/5 Stars

"Superb wine for the price! Discreet nose, intense flavour, nice body. simple yet delicious" 4.5/5 Stars



Other Details

Rich Amarone-style Gold Medal red from Puglian grapes
'A Puglian Amarone' - Plush, super-ripe Verso Rosso
Wine Spectator 'Top Value' Award
UK's Lowest Price!
Big, rich and full-bodied, yet very stylish and never heavy or cloying - this is a real find!
The perfect big, rich red for any occasion, Verso Rosso is a revelation! And we are very pleased to offer the newest vintage, the 2016 - another beauty from Carlo Botter - for just £10.99! Verso Rosso is what happens when a great Amarone winemaker ta
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Gold Medal
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Silver Medal
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Ends today - A Puglian Amarone' - Plush, super-ripe Verso Rosso

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